Hungry Hungry Hippo
20 years old
crohn's disease
living paleo/primal

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So i went to an allergist today and had a full spectrum of allergies tested. Came back positive for a few trees weeds dust and omg cats :( But what i’m really upset/not upset about it coming back negative for all the foods I tested for. I just want an answer to my I’m so sick, but in the end my allergist told me to cut out dairy completely for a few weeks to see if I feel better, and if not, that may not be the problem. So now being I’m recommended by two doctors to cut out diary and gluten, so I think I’m going to go hard on Paleo again. Cut out the sugars and starches I’ve added back in and go cold turkey. It’s hard to maintain, but get this. My allergy doctor had to be in his late 40’s mid 50’s and he does crossfit and paleo!! He was super awesome, and really complimented me on my willpower to loose almost 60pounds. It;s awesome to find doctors that you can relate to. :) Oh and good news, I get to haveĀ upper and lower endoscopy in exactly a week!! Hurray…. not.